How To Keep Your Inverter Battery in Good Shape

The foundation of an inverter is its battery. Your inverter’s effective operation and extended lifespan are due to it. Therefore, the battery’s frequent upkeep and care are quite essential.

Your inverter and its battery need regular maintenance to operate efficiently and have a longer lifespan, just like any other household equipment.

Even if they are not as attractive as your stainless steel double door refrigerator or your glossy black microwave, they nonetheless make it possible for you to live comfortably during a power outage.

How To Keep Your Inverter Battery in Good Shape

The following are 10 suggestions you can use to maintain your inverter battery so that it lasts a long time and save down on product costs.

Always store batteries on a battery trolley

The water and acid combination in the battery has a tendency to leak out a small bit while the battery is charging, which might damage the surroundings. For convenient battery storage and transfer, a trolley is recommended.

Never completely enclose your battery

The boiling of the water within the battery causes it to heat up while it is in the charging position. It requires room to dissipate heat in order to cool down. In order for it to function properly, at least one side, preferably the rear, should be opened.

On the battery terminal use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly should be applied to the battery terminal after cleaning it to lengthen the battery’s lifespan. The local inverter battery retailer may carry petroleum jelly.

Four times a year – use distilled battery water

The loading of batteries with distilled water is the largest issue that a client might overlook. Any gas station has readily accessible distilled water. or from the battery retailer in your area. Always remember to provide enough water to the battery to ensure smooth operation.

Always remove carbon from the battery terminal

As the battery operates, a film of carbon adheres to its terminals and hinders operation. To completely eliminate all carbon, it is advised to clean the terminal with hot water.

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Every month use the battery power

Even if there are sometimes or never any power outages, the majority of individuals complain about battery backup issues. The battery’s underuse is the root cause of this issue. The battery suffers a severe discharge as a result. It is crucial to use the battery’s power once a month by turning off the main MCB for 30 to 60 minutes.

Never lean a battery

Because the battery is filled with purified water, if it is tilted, water begins to flow from the cell cover, ruining all metal and stone surfaces.

When attaching the inverter battery dress in insulated clothing

Always remember to wear suitably insulated clothing and latex gloves while attaching an inverter battery to prevent shocks or short circuits. Wearing gloves can help you prevent sparking, which might happen during connection.

The improved life of your battery will lessen your mental anxiety many times if you heed the aforementioned advice.

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