What are the Keychain Varieties, Uses, and Materials

Other names for a key chain include key ring, key chain, key hanging, etc. Key chains are often made out of metal, leather, plastic, wood, etc. People carry this lovely, tiny, and constantly-changing form about with them on a daily basis. The number of key chains and the variety of materials available have increased despite the fact that key chains are relatively tiny products. What kinds of key chains are there?

What varieties of customized key chains are there?

Customized key chains are a great gift for anyone. They are not only functional, but also creative and expressive. You can choose from a variety of materials and designs to create the perfect personalized keychain for your loved ones. There are many types of customized key chains that you can purchase, including:

Pair buckle

The newly created zinc alloy jewelry is the pair keychain. It is a unique present and a product of workmanship that the brand marketing company is promoting. The back of the keychain may also have a laser-engraved LOGO.

Uses for the product: Commemorative promotional goods are used in advertising, public relations for businesses, marketing for new products, at tourist destinations, and as school and tourist mementos.

Car buckle

The newest advancement in zinc alloy automotive items is the keychain. Oil drips or rare metal plating are used as anti-rust treatments for the surface. Personalized stylish pendants.

Product usage: corporate brand exposure, new product marketing, souvenirs, and other industries employ commemorative promotional goods.

Crystal swivel

Younger acquaintances like it due to the high-quality and long-lasting production process, as well as the usage of cast steel and crystal in the materials. Additionally, the materials are crystal and cast iron. It’s possible that all ROC could think of at first was the “cold surface and cool shape” of hardware. The previous design of these key chains has been replaced with a new one in this iteration of the product. The attractiveness of the young women is a major factor in their strong desire to approach her. In addition to that, the beginning of summer is a lovely embellishment.

Solar swivel

The most recent solar application product created and manufactured is the solar flash keychain. High-quality LCD flash is produced using the low-light amorphous silicon solar cell power supply technology. Between flashes, a liquid crystal display symphony filled with joy and technology may be seen!

Using the product

Corporate branding, the marketing of new products, tourist attractions, mementos, and school mementos. Commemorative signs for the hotel’s launch as well as commemorative products for the banking, telecommunications, network, insurance, post, telecommunications, aviation, shipping, advertising, and other sectors of the economy. One side of the front side flashes, while the other side is laser paper.

Introduction to Keychain Materials


Epoxy keychain, soft plastic keychain, plastic keychain, and micro keychain are other names for PVC soft plastic keychain. Products made of soft PVC (micro-injection) are made using imported raw ingredients and a proprietary scientific process. They are all constructed of globally renowned non-toxic PVC soft rubber materials. They are created using an original scientific recipe and imported raw ingredients.


This means that the degree of wear on the key ring is determined by the hardness of the acrylic, which is split into imported materials and domestic materials. Plexiglass is hollow and solid, transparent, and may have colorful paper filled in the center. Acrylic provides the following benefits over conventional ceramic materials in addition to its unmatched high brightness:

  • Excellent tenacity
  • Not easily broken
  • Dependable repairability
  • As long as you clean the toiletries with soft foam soaked in toothpaste;
  • Supple texture
  • Winter There is no feeling of stinging coldness; vibrant,
  • May accommodate various preferences that vary in personality.

In addition to being very stylish, resilient, and ecologically beneficial, acrylic is used to create washbasins, bathtubs, and toilets. Its radiation is practically identical to that of the bones in the human body.

Alloy of zinc

One of the most bendable metals is zinc alloy. To make a product more attractive, the surface is often coated with electroplating or oil dripping paint. Polishing, paint (baked paint), soft enamel, printing, oil spray, sandblasting, and electroplating are the surface treatment procedures.

The key chain’s function

A key chain made of plastic is a space-saving accessory that is simple to transport. The following are some of the applications that are suitable for plastic key chains:

  1. Animation derivatives: Key rings and other plastic crafts presents based on popular cartoon characters are a great way to expand the market for animated products.
  2. It can be applied to personal items and personal ornaments. A lot of people like to get a key chain on their own keys, as ornaments. The environmental protection soft plastic material used to make key chains not only has beautiful patterns and design diversity, but it also protects the environment.
  3. Presents for tourists: Some tourist destinations may have these key rings personalized to display some of the elements of the picturesque area. When people see these key rings, they feel they would enjoy them, therefore the number of visitors who buy them increases.
  4. Gifts from exhibits: These days, there are a lot of exhibitions. If you are able to hand out keychains at the show that include your own company’s emblem, you will accomplish not only a good but also an excellent PR impact.
  5. Corporate mementos on their anniversaries, some businesses provide key chains that customers may personalize as a kind of corporate memento.
  6. Gifts for conferences: If you want to attend certain meetings, you should carry these key rings with your own brand on them. This will allow more people to learn more about you.


Employees and clients alike will appreciate receiving a customized key chains as a present. They are able to be personalized by having the business logo, motto, or contact information printed on them. Customers will have an easier time remembering your business and talking about their experience with others as a result of this.

Because they are low in cost and can be used in a variety of contexts, branded key chains make for great promotional goods. Because you can personalize them with the emblem of your firm and your contact information, you won’t have to worry about them being misplaced in the mail or at the homes of the recipients.

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