How to Improve the Computing Experience by Tweaking the PC

PC is like a machine where you can tune and tweak the settings to get maximum performance. You can alter the hardware settings or optimize the software for greater productivity and processing power. Whatever hack we may do, we need ultimate performance, which gives a compelling computing experience.

PC users have many different ways to customize their machines, but one common way is tweaking the PC’s settings. It can improve the computing experience by increasing the machine’s speed, stability, and accuracy. In this article, we’ll discuss five tips that can help you tweak your PC to increase performance.

Therefore, we have compiled some of the effective performance tweaks you can do to your PC.

Top Performance Tweaks for PC

PC performance can be improved by performing the following tweaks individually or using an advanced pc fixer. Let us discuss both in detail.

Change Power Plan

PC will be in the balanced power plan by default. This mode consumes moderate power and keeps the actual performance intact.

But this mode will not unleash the full potential of the PC. Especially when you want the PC to perform with all its resources, this is different from the power plan.

Therefore, change the power plan to Best Performance mode. It will enable you to get the maximum out of your PC. There will not be any power usage restrictions, and you can enjoy multi-tasking or any other intense tasks easily.

In the control panel, go to Hardware and Sound and select Power Options. Here click on the Change Plan Settings option to choose the High-performance mode.

Optimize Visual Effects

To get the best appearance on your PC, Windows provides a feature that could enhance your visual experience. The animations and graphics will look and perform better. But this may affect your processing power, and you may need to get the maximum potential for essential tasks.

Therefore, if you optimize the settings for better performance, the hardware will not spend its resources to provide better visual effects.

Search for Advanced System Settings in the search bar and click on it. Now go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings below the Performance option.

Then, choose the visual effects tab and change the option to Adjust for Best Performance. Hit on apply and click OK. Now your PC is optimized to dial down on visual effects and focus its resources on computing.

Game Mode ON

Since gaming requires a lot of resources, every PC is designed to put its highest effort into Gaming Modes. If you turn on the gaming mode, your PC will put better effort into accomplishing tasks that will give you excellent performance.

Even with the existing hardware, you can get ultimate performance without restrictions and excellent results.

Go to Settings and search for Turn on Game Mode. You will be taken to the Game mode option. Toggle the mode to ON, and you will be enabled with high-performance mode specially tweaked for gaming.

Declutter Disk Space

Removing unwanted files, folders, and applications will significantly enhance your PC performance. When you free up space in your disks, it powerfully releases pressure on RAM and CPU. So, you will be able to get a large amount of processing power effortlessly.

Check out every disk folder and remove unwanted files. You can also use the disk cleanup option to remove temp files.

Similarly, advanced pc fixer tools can quickly clear all unwanted data and tweak your performance.

System Repair Tools

Advanced pc fixer for PC provides an all-in-one solution to increase system performance. You can tweak the performance and get an enhanced computing experience with a single click.

It comprises many tools in a single application that is very easy to use and reliable.


We have provided some easy-to-follow hacks to tweak the performance of your Windows PC. This will be very effective and efficient. Do these, get your system to do all kinds of tasks effortlessly, and enjoy good computing.

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