The Best Netflix Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

The end of March 2022 will bring fresh rotations to Netflix’s huge collection of television and movies, with numerous licenses set to expire by the end of the month and new material set to debut in April. Because this is the last weekend in March, it’s the last chance to catch up on some of the fan favorites while also checking out a new wave of debuts on the digital platform.

Take advantage of the last days of the month to see some critically praised programming before it leaves the streaming service for the foreseeable future by watching the finest episodes and movies on Netflix this weekend and next week.

The Next Generation of Star Trek Is More Relevant Than Ever

This is the final week to binge Star Trek: The Next Generation, as Paramount+ continues to consolidate its Star Trek programming. The seven-season series introduced Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D as they patrolled the galaxy decades after the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, completely revitalizing the Star Trek franchise as its feature films experienced diminishing returns, resulting in a flurry of new Star Trek series and films throughout the 1990s.

For those who are new with TNG and are seeking for a suitable place to start, most fans think that the quality begins to improve in the third season and maintains reasonably constant for the rest of the show’s run. TNG is Star Trek at its best, from introducing the frightening Borg Collective to featuring multiple legendary appearances from previous Star Trek characters. It would take just over five days to binge-watch everything of Star Trek: The Next Generation, so completionists better get started now before it’s too late.

Bridgerton reappears, but he isn’t the same person he was before.

The bawdy historical love comedy Bridgerton is one of the most popular Netflix original series, with the first season becoming the most-watched series on the streaming site at the time, in its first month on the platform in January 2021. Despite the absence of fan favorite actor Regé-Jean Page in Season 2, the historical drama continues as the Bridgerton siblings search for love.

Season 2 follows Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne’s older brother, as he courted Edwina Sharma, a socialite. Kate, Edwina’s elder sister, is dubious of Anthony’s actual motives and sets out to disprove his romantic intentions, only to fall in love with him herself. Bridgerton Season 2 is expected to boost the romantic ante and English courtly intrigue as this love triangle intensifies.

Before it’s too late, capture Pokémon.

Pokémon, which used to have a large collection on Netflix, will be removing several of its movies and television seasons by the end of March. This contains Seasons 20 through 22 of the long-running series, as well as the animated films Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! and Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us.

I Choose You! was a rough replica of the anime series’ first season, establishing a somewhat different timeframe for the franchise. The Power of Us is the 2018 sequel to I Choose You!, and it follows Ash Ketchum and his devoted Pikachu as they continue their training to be the best while averting a catastrophe facing Fula City. This is the last weekend to go on a mini-binge of the two movies and three seasons before they leave Netflix at the beginning of April.

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