The Intel Arc mobile A-series GPU has a release date, and it promises to be twice as fast as integrated graphics

Intel’s new Arc GPUs are expected to outperform their predecessors in terms of performance. Intel Vice President and General Manager Lisa Pearce revealed details regarding the first Arc GPU to be released, the Intel Arc A370M, in a new blog post. On March 30, 2022, the GPU will be available for purchase. Intel will conduct a launch event for the new hardware on the same day.

Intel Deep Link, XeSS, and other technologies will be used in the Intel Arc A370M and other Intel Arc A-series GPUs to maximize performance while balancing battery life. These capabilities enable the new graphics components to give improved performance while still achieving Intel Evo battery life requirements. The Arc A370M will, according to Pearce, give up to double the performance of integrated graphics in a similar size factor.

The Intel Arc GPU is the first mobile implementation of the new graphics technology. Because it’s designed for mobility and meets Intel Evo criteria, the A370M won’t be the most powerful of the new series in terms of performance. In the future, more powerful Arc GPUs will be available, including graphics for laptops and desktops.

Pearce highlighted Project Endgame, Intel’s often-teased but rarely disclosed technology, towards the end of her piece.

Pearce added, “Project Endgame is a unified services layer that leverages computing resources everywhere – cloud, edge, and your home – to better your gaming and non-gaming PC experiences.” “We can free our consumers from their local hardware specifications with Project Endgame. With the objective of petaflops of computing available at a few millisecond latency, Project Endgame is building the way for Intel’s next decade of real-time GPU experiences, and we’ll take our first public steps in Q2 of this year.”

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