How to Take Care of Your House So It Stays in Good Shape

You probably have a few barbecues or family get-togethers planned now that the weather is getting warmer. Perhaps you like a little cleanliness but hit the deck when the doorbell rings. Focusing on a few home maintenance techniques can help you keep your property clean and inviting for visitors as well as maintain a long-term increase in home value. We at Dani Beyer Real Estate are aware of how to maintain a home in the best condition possible for a rapid sale!

It might be stressful to clean a house, and who really dusts the baseboards on a regular basis? There are certain activities, nevertheless, where a little time investment will provide the finest results. Here are some suggestions for preparing the outside of your house as well as some jobs to do when the heat forces you indoors:

Fans and Filters for Range Hood Vents:

When you clean your kitchen, you probably often wash down the hood and vent above your stove, but the interior may become filthy as well. Regardless of how much bacon you cook in a year, wash the grease filter in warm soapy water and vacuum the fan to maintain your vent operating effectively all year.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans:

Remove the cover from your bathroom vent, clean the area around it and the fan, and then apply spray lubricant to protect it from collecting dust. A loud fan may alert prospective buyers that your property needs some upkeep when it’s time to sell.

Drains in Bathrooms

This is not a task for the weak of heart or the ill at ease, but it must be completed. Maintaining your bathroom on a regular basis can help you avoid a blocked drain. After removing the drain assembly, clear the drain of any hair or other obstructions by using a drain stick. After that, flush the drain with water after waiting ten minutes and pouring some bleach down it to remove any mildew or other buildup.

Gutters Should be Cleaned:

Cleaning out gutters after the leaves have stopped falling is often thought of as a late-fall activity. Cleaning up your gutters in the autumn and spring, after seed and flower pods have ceased falling onto your property, is truly ideal. Cleaning them out can assist prevent any water damage from spring rains’ errant water flow.

Look at the Roof:

Checking the roof is a fantastic chance to test your ladder stability, just like cleaning the gutters. You may not give your roof much thought, but if you ever have a leak, you’ll wish you had examined it more often. Spend some time this spring checking for loose shingles and any other potential entry points for water.


These home upkeep suggestions will maintain your house in top condition and make sure it’s prepared for the market when you’re ready to sell. Contact Dani Beyer Real Estate to find out more about putting your home in buyer-ready shape! We have the know-how to assist you in selling your house swiftly!

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