What are the most Lucrative Industries in Indonesia in 2022

Indonesia, a nation of several islands, has made significant progress in developing the greatest economy in Southeast Asia from its dispersed islands. The nation produced USD $1.06 trillion in 2020, ranking it 16th out of many other economies throughout the globe.

Given that it is home to more than 300 distinct ethnic groups and more than 700 different languages are spoken there, Indonesia is one of the most linguistically varied countries in the world.

The nation exports to significant economies including China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore and participates in a variety of commercial connections with several other nations.

20% of Indonesia’s GDP comes from exports, with the remaining companies being mostly local in nature. The nation has had phenomenal development throughout the years, and it is predicted that between 2021 and 2026, it will continue to expand at a healthy pace of 5% to 6%.

The RPJM program, a 20-year development plan based on the nation’s economic planning, may be credited in significant part for Indonesia’s growth potential. Numerous international investors desire to establish businesses in Indonesia because of its strong economy and wealth of resources.

Clean energy and mining:

Another lucrative area in Indonesia to invest in during 2022 is mining and renewable energy. In particular, coal, natural gas, metals, and other agricultural goods are abundant in Indonesia. Given its wealth of resources, it makes sense that Indonesia is a significant exporter of these resources to other nations.

Indonesia continues to be a major participant in the global mining sector, generating a sizeable quantity of commodities that are in great demand, including coal, copper, gold, tin, bauxite, and nickel. The mining sector has consistently shown good development trends throughout the years and has been a major driver of Indonesia’s economic expansion for many years.

Construction and Infrastructure:

The infrastructure and construction sector in Indonesia is one of the most lucrative industries to enter in 2022. Given that greater infrastructure also indicates a faster rate of the nation’s growth and commercial potential, Indonesia’s infrastructure is not yet completely developed and offers opportunity for more investment and improvement. The Indonesian government has expanded efforts to upgrade the country’s infrastructure since it understands how important it is.


In 2020, Indonesia will likely have one of the highest rates of e-commerce usage in the whole globe because to the Covid-19 pandemic. The International Trade Administration of the United States estimates that over 90% of Indonesian internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 have used one or more online services or e-commerce platforms to make a transaction.

The gross market value of the e-commerce sector was over $30 billion USD in 2020, and it is projected to increase to USD 83 billion in 2025 as a result of shifting customer preferences for convenience. As of January 2021, there were over 202.6 million internet users in Indonesia, the bulk of whom used smartphones to accomplish their online purchases.

Tourism and Leisure:

Many nations have opted to reopen their borders to travelers who have received the Covid-19 vaccine as the worldwide epidemic has stabilized. Over 17,700 islands, stunning beaches, and a variety of scenery make Indonesia an alluring travel destination.

Prior to the pandemic’s interruption in 2019, the tourism industry contributed 4.97% of the nation’s GDP and welcomed 16.1 million overseas visitors. Indonesia’s tourist industry is still mostly underutilized and is undergoing regional development to increase its allure. This creates a favorable entry point for leisure and tourist enterprises, making it one of the most lucrative ventures in Indonesia to launch in 2022.

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