Why are digitally printed Tea towels growing in popularity?

Digitally printed textiles like clothes, apparel, bed linens, towels, etc. are becoming more and more popular. Then, if you’re interested in learning more about digitally printed tea towels, we can bring you to see how they are made.

What is digital printing on textiles?

The method of printing on textiles and apparel utilizing inkjet technology to print colorants onto fabric is known as digital textile printing. As a substitute for screen printed cloth, this method enables the manufacturing of single items, mid- to small-run cycles, and even long runs.

What kind of textiles may be used for tea towels with digital printing?

  • Cotton Material
  • linen material
  • Fabric: Cotton Linen

Benefits over conventional silk screen printing techniques

Diverse colors are simple to print. Customizable information and customizing choices. Greater variety is possible with digital printing without increasing prices or turnaround times. This kind of variety would be expensive with screen printing if you wanted to print the same design with different subtitles.

Minimum expenses for setup

Setup fees are determined by each design, not by the number of colors. Detail: There are no bumps in the design. Small and detailed features may be reproduced on the finished materials thanks to the extraordinary precision of digital printing. As a result, digital printing is the preferred option for high-quality photographic prints and other intricate artwork or photographs.

Suitable for short runs

Costs: Digital printing just requires your picture and a substrate; it doesn’t need several procedures. For small to medium-sized orders, the procedure is less expensive than conventional screen-printing techniques since it requires less setup time and equipment.

Environmentally friendly: Digital printing doesn’t need a lot of special tools, supplies, or chemicals. This results in less waste and a reduction in chemical disposal concerns.

Digital tea towel printing’s drawbacks

  • Compared to screen printing, there are fewer textiles that can be printed on.
  • The printing is not very robust.
  • White is often impossible to reproduce in print.
  • If you need a larger number of prints, the price will go up.

You now have a basic understanding of what digital printing is. The process of creating custom printed tea towels will then be visible to you personally. The more recent printing method, digital printing, offers certain distinct benefits. For instance, you should definitely pick digital printing for photographic accuracy if you want a picture of your cute pet cat printed on a pocketbook.

To sum up, digital printing on textiles is now the most used technique. Digital printers were uncommon in the past, but now, the majority of printing businesses have them and utilize them for all orders for single garments. The ability to create stunning visuals on a computer is one of the abilities that is in great demand right now.


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