How to Recover Data from an iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

It might be upsetting to lose access to your iPhone because it is stuck in recovery mode. There is yet some hope, however. We will walk you through the procedure in this post for restoring your important data from an iPhone that is stuck in recovery mode. These instructions can help you recover your valuable data and restore your iPhone to full functionality.

iPhones have a built-in function called recovery mode that enables users to fix a number of problems and update the software on the device. You may not be able to use the data on your iPhone if this mode becomes stuck. You may solve this difficulty by carrying out the actions listed below.

Step 1: Disconnect and Restart:

Start by unplugging your iPhone from any external devices, including your computer. Next, forcibly restart your iPhone by simultaneously pushing and holding the volume down and power buttons. This should make your device restart and might fix the recovery mode problem.

Step 2: Update iTunes:

Make sure that iTunes is set up on your computer with the most recent version. Update it to the most recent version if not. A successful data recovery method depends on using an updated version of iTunes.

Step 3: Connect to Computer:

Utilize a USB connection to link your iPhone to your PC. When you open iTunes, it should recognize that your device is in recovery mode.

Step 4: Exit Recovery Mode:

Click the “Restore” button in iTunes to get out of recovery mode. All of the data on your iPhone will be deleted if you choose to restore it to factory settings. However, as we shall explain later, this is a crucial step in order to restore your data.

Step 5: Recovering Data:

You will have the choice to either set up your iPhone as a new device or restore from a backup after factory resetting it. Select the most recent backup that includes your missing data by selecting the “Restore from iTunes Backup” option. After that, iTunes will restore your iPhone using the chosen backup and restore all of your data.

iPhone Repair: Seeking Professional Assistance

It is advised to seek expert iPhone repair services if the aforementioned measures are unsuccessful or if you are unable to restore from a backup. Professional technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills essential to recover data from iPhones that are stuck in recovery mode.


Even though dealing with an iPhone that is locked in recovery mode might be difficult, you can recover your data and restore your device by taking the proper safeguards and actions. To avoid data loss, always frequently backup your iPhone. In situations when self-recovery is not feasible, contacting a reputable iPhone repair service is a good choice. By according to these instructions, you can get out of a stuck recovery mode and get back into your iPhone’s essential data.

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