How to Create a Construction Marketing Plan in 6 Steps

Creating a construction marketing plan and strategy is important to your company’s success. The word “marketing” is often misinterpreted and misused. Marketing entails much more than just selling or promoting. Marketing is the strategic plan that you create for your organization that looks at your construction company’s strengths and weaknesses; areas where you have a competitive advantage; the market(s) that you will focus your sales efforts on; the demographics of your chosen market; and the pricing structure that you intend to use.

Determine Your Goal

What is the purpose of your marketing strategy? Is it to expand market share of a certain product or service (for example, executing 10% of all window replacements in your area)? Is it to increase gross income (which implies determining your best generating service and adapting the strategy to sell more of the higher grossing product or service)? A strong plan must begin with a quantifiable aim that you can statistically compare your outcomes against, whether it’s market share in a certain area (healthcare, schools, kitchen and bathrooms) or based on pure cash.

Conduct a SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is necessary not only for building a marketing strategy and plan, but also for keeping an eye on the competitive environment in which your firm works. The following are the overall stages of an analysis:

What are your company’s strengths? Where can you get a competitive advantage? How strong is your organization’s core? (People, procedures, and so on.)

Weaknesses: Where does your company need to improve? Where do you have a competitive advantage? Are essential team members or procedures in your core business missing?

Opportunities: In your main business, where do you see opportunities? What services may you start offering as add-ons to your main company that look to be a logical fit? What rivals are lacking in process and personnel areas where you excel?

Examine the Current Market Situation

Creating a marketing goal and doing a SWOT analysis gives you two critical parts of the puzzle:

A desired outcome, and 2. An examination of regions you perceive as prospective pathways for new markets or enhancing existing ones. This stage of building your marketing strategy entails integrating the two.

Develop a Marketing Budget for Your Construction Company

Creating a marketing budget is difficult. I’ve heard of organizations beginning with ranging from 0.5 percent to 4 percent of sales and then adjusting appropriately. If you want to use radio and television commercials, your costs will most likely be greater, but you will reach a larger audience.

Create a marketing strategy and a list of tactics for your construction company.

After developing your marketing target, doing a SWOT analysis on your firm, developing a core list of possibilities that you are confident in marketing, and developing your budget, the goal at this step is to establish the paths that you will follow to reach your goal. Community service, writing articles for the local paper, hosting an online radio show-the possibilities are practically limitless. INDUSTRI is a marketing firm that may assist you.

Monitor the Outcomes

Whether you want to capture 10% of the local market for kitchen and bath renovations, we must investigate to determine if your efforts are fruitful. Examine your position in respect to previous year. To get a solid feel of the market, check data with the local permit office to see how many permits are being withdrawn. Client feedback should be monitored. Marketing, like employment expenses, must be quantifiable.

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