Creating Postcard Photo (Using Apps and websites)

Sending a postcard to a loved one or a friend can be a generous act, whether on vacation or searching for a lovely letter to communicate. Postcards are essential, especially if you wish to disconnect from social media. You can still keep in touch with your friends by using a plastic postcard to create a travel postcard or a holiday postcard, or sturdy paper to create laminated postcards of your choice. Creating a personalized postcard can bring positive feedback, and the recipient may feel the postcard is specifically made for them.

Regardless of which method you use to design a postcard or which device you use to take the photo, you can usually create a great-looking postcard out of a photo using an app or website. Continue reading to explore these websites that you can use to create a customized postcard.

Apps or websites to Design postcards

Many apps and websites allow you to create and send postcards from your phone. You had to go to a convenience store during the old days, buy a stock photo, and figure out the nearby postal system before mailing it. Nowadays, many apps and websites allow you to create and send postcards from your phone without plastic postcard mailers. Examples of these websites and apps include:

●My postcard: offers an easy pickup photo and customized greeting message to the recipient. It’s one of the websites that allows you to mail your postcard to anyone across the globe.

●Canvas: Canva is an app and website offering postcard design features and a download option. It has many different design options, but some are pro, requiring you to pay for a pro membership, which begins at $10 per month.

●Postagram: it has a variety of themes and designs you can choose from depending on your occasion. For example, you can put your messages, and the photo can be perforated as the recipient can download and save it.

●Zazzle: it is reasonable to get great, professional-looking postcards, especially when you want animated postcards for different occasions. For example, birthday invitations, weddings, or baby showers.

●Touchnote: Touchtone is similar to My Postcard. It allows you to upload photos and select a cool design to create your post. It allows you to send your postcard to the recipient anywhere globally with a subscription service of $5 per month.

How to Print Postcard

If you want to create and print your postcards from the comfort of your own home, the process is also quite easy. You may require word processing software like Microsoft Word, a printer, scissors, and sturdy paper. Here’s how to design and print your postcards at home.

1.Create a new document and set the size to 4 by 6 inches. To accomplish this, you may need to design your custom document size.

2.Put your photo on one side and any message or photographs on the other.

3.If you want a photo or animated postcard finish on your postcard, you can use glossy photo printing paper.’

4.Add a border around the printed surface, or use a precision paper trimmer to achieve your desired perfect edges.

5.Fill in the blanks with a message and your address. If you’re only making one for a single recipient, you could type out the address, but you could add in the address lines if you’re sending numerous postcards.

6.Print your postcard. Any printer can print out a postcard, but some printers are more suitable for printing glossy papers.

If you intend to print many postcards at home, a photo printer can be a good investment. Instead, you can use a standard home printer. Adobe and some of the apps mentioned above include pre-set postcard templates and printing dimensions. If you prefer plastic postcards because of their uniqueness and durability, you can download mockups online and use them to create your preferred postcard.

Tips for Taking Beautiful Postcard Photos with Your Phone

Making unforgettable postcards begins with taking exceptional photos with your phone. Here are some pointers on how to take postcard-worthy pictures that you’ll be proud to send to relatives and friends.

●Look for the location ahead of time: it’s important to know where you intend to take your pictures. Know their hours of operation, look at past photos on the internet for inspiration, and understand their photographer’s rules.

●Try different angles: use different ways to find the correct angle when taking photos from famous places and historic sites. Other than the standard, directly postcard angle or old plastic cards angle.

●Get a good view: During sunrise and sunset are typically the best times for outdoor photos, but if you must take photos daytime, look for something with a lot of contrast since taking photos in hot sunlight can make your picture appear blurred.

●Go weekdays: Tourist sites are extremely busy on weekends, so go during the weekdays if you want to avoid having people in your picture. During weekdays you can be able to tour different places and take the best unforgettable picture for your postcard,

●Experiment with filters and settings: your phone’s camera can apply different filters to get the perfect shot. Experiment with the best shots while changing your phone’s filter settings to make your shot stand out. There are numerous ways to experiment with taking great postcard photos with your phone. Anyone can be an amateur photographer and capture stunning images in a matter of seconds.

How to Print bulk Postcards for Sell

Are you a small business owner looking to enter into a joint business to market your products there, or could you be a photographer looking to sell your work on an online store or another similar platform? In any case, printing bulk postcards is simple with facilities like Vista Print. Upload the photo, and because Vista Print is by far the least expensive of the above bulk printing options, you can print as many as you need.


It’s very simple to create a postcard from a photograph. If you’re looking for the least expensive way to print and mail a postcard to a close friend or family member anywhere across the globe, MyPostcard, Postagram, or Touchnote are great options. Creating a unique postcard as a sincere gift and memorable message to your recipient is rewarding.

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