Are mechanical keyboards better for coding

Mechanical keyboards are sought for their satisfying user experience. None can beat the tactile feedback from a mechanical keyboard. It is just very comfortable to use and gives a better feeling emotionally. Especially those who type a lot, like programmers, get a unique comfort in using a mechanical keyboard.

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons why programmers use the mechanical keyboard for coding and whether they are better or not.

Mechanical keyboards are better for coding and better for any type of task you want to do with a keyboard. It is simply very satisfying and comfortable to use a mechanical keyboard. It has the ergonomics that are missing with a normal membrane-based keyboard. Let us now discuss the various benefits of using this keyboard for coding.

Benefits of using Mechanical Keyboards for Coding

Coding involves a lot of typing. If it is not comfortable to type, you may end up with a painful wrist and hands. This is where mechanical keyboards come to the rescue. Here are the top benefits of using a mechanical keyboard for coding:

Excellent Ergonomics

Comfort is the key to efficient typing. When you have a lot to type, you want your keyboard to be comfortable, and allow you to work with it for long hours.

A mechanical keyboard has just the right amount of travel, key press, feedback, and sensitivity which every coder expects in a keyboard.

You can have a separate wrist pad to support your arms, you can have various size keyboards to suit your coding, and you can increase the comfort level with better keycaps.

So, due to its excellent ergonomics, a mechanical keyboard is the best one you can get for your coding and programming tasks.

Endless Customizations

You can customize the keyboard as per your requirement with different sizes, switches, lighting, etc. No keyboard will allow you to change individual switches to suit your liking.

You can change the color of keycaps in a way you like, you can have a linear switch in certain areas and have tactile switches in some parts, and have a combination of different types of features in a single keyboard.

When coders like to use a separate numpad, they can easily have a 75% keyboard or a Tenkeyless keyboard, as they need. Also, if you want to create a custom keyboard from scratch, you can easily do it with the right components and tools.

So, you can have a custom-made keyboard that will enhance your coding experience. Also, it will be attractive to your eyes.

User Satisfaction

One of the primary benefits of using a mechanical keyboard is the satisfaction it gives through several features. You can have a satisfying keypress, you can get an ambient backlight, you can have tactile feedback, and so much so on.

When a coder uses this keyboard, he can feel the tactile feedback giving him a distinct comfort. Also, you have different types of keys to make your typing more effortless.

For example, if you need to type fast without any disturbances, you can have a linear switch keyboard. If you want to type without any mistakes and get high-accuracy key registers, then you can go for tactile switches.

With such type of freedom to use a keyboard, you can have the best typing experience. Coders usually type fast and they need high accuracy to avoid errors in their coding. So, as per their requirement, they can choose a switch for their keyboard.

So, if you want to get the complete user experience while coding and typing, a mechanical keyboard is the best choice for it.

These are the major benefits that a coder or a programmer can get by using a mechanical keyboard. You get the most comfortable keyboard experience with a mechanical keyboard.

What are some of the unique features of a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard has a lot of unique features which enable coders to have the best model as per their requirements. Here are some features you should know if you are planning to buy one:

Individual Keys

All the keys in a mechanical keyboard are individually installed. This means, if a single key becomes unresponsive or gets broken, you don’t have to replace the entire keyboard. You can individually repair the key, replace it, or customize it as per your needs.

Mechanical Actuation

Each key has a switch that actuates and registers a key press. This whole actuation is mechanical. So, it enables you to repair the switches completely whenever there is an issue with them.

You don’t even need technical skills to remove a switch from a mechanical keyboard. If you are using a hot-swappable PCB, you can simply pull out the switch, and repair or replace it on your own.

This mechanical system is highly sophisticated and enables you to complete customization or repair in every aspect.

Satisfying feedback

The keys are designed in such a way that they produce a click or bump when retracting after a key press. This feedback is very satisfying to work with. This kind of feedback is not available with membrane keyboards.

You can have soft smooth keypresses and you can have harder keypresses with clicky feedback. There are switches to satisfy your desire which is the major benefit of using a mechanical keyboard.

Low Profile Keyboards

Standard mechanical keyboards can be large and might not suit all kinds of users. To meet the expectations of users who want a minimalistic design and size, there are low-profile keyboards that have low-profile switches and casing. This enables them to ergonomically use it and get comfortable with the keys while using them. These are some of the unique features you can find in mechanical keyboards.


Many professional programmers and coders tend to use mechanical keyboards a lot due to these benefits. It is very easy to use, satisfying to type, and comfortable for the hands and wrist. You can work efficiently with the help of this keyboard and have fewer errors in your coding.

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