Things to Consider When you are Buying your First Vape

Different flavors of e-juices and cloud smoke make the vaping process so popular among people. Vaping is a good way to relieve stress without the harmful effects of normal traditional cigarettes. If you want to quit your normal smoking, swapping to an electronic cigarette is the best way. Elux Legend is the first released disposable bar, which is also a type of electronic cigarette. This device comes with the prefilled nicotine-based e-liquid that allows you to vape the right flavor straight out of the box. Also, this is compact, light in weight, and easily portable.

Parts of an E-Cigarette:

The following are some important parts of an electronic cigarette.


A battery in the electronic cigarette helps in giving much power to the LED indicator and the atomizer. Your device batteries are activated through a button or by inhaling into the mouthpiece. You may observe that the light on your vaping device only turns on when the user started breathing in.


The atomizer in the electronic cigarette helps in turning the e-liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. This is made up of wicking material such as cotton. The material is soaked in the liquid and started to heat through the heating coil.


An electronic cigarette stores the e-liquid in its tank or in a refill cartridge. These cartridges are easy to maintain and more convenient, while the built-in tank allows the users to save on vape liquid in order to refill the vape manually.

Benefits of Vaping:

Health Benefits:

Vaping brings more health benefits than normal traditional cigarettes. A real cigarette causes more harmful diseases and contains more harmful chemicals than tobacco smoke. The harmful diseases include cancer, stroke, and even leads to heart diseases. But vaping doesn’t cause any harm like traditional cigarettes. Also, it is the best way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

No More Smells:

Vaping doesn’t have any smells unlike the smells produced by real traditional cigarettes. After vaping is done, you and your surroundings have detected some aroma of flavors, but not with the nasty smells of burning dead tobacco leaves.

Buying Guide:


Vaping is done in two main styles. They are classic or mouth to lung and sub-ohm or direct to lung. The classic style involves first inhaling the vapor into your mouth before letting the vapor flow into your lungs. But the other method involves inhaling the vapor straight from the device’s mouthpiece to the lungs.


The next thing to consider when purchasing the vape device is to select the right device for your vaping experience. The device types such as cigalikes, vape pens, vape mods, box kits, disposable bars, etc. Each device type has different unique features in order to provide a better vaping experience.


Vaping is helpful in regulating stress and provides more health benefits than normal traditional cigarettes. From the above, you can get an idea about the parts, benefits, and a simple guide for choosing the best device to experience the best vaping.

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