Best Online Games to Play With Friends

Online gaming has become more popular all over the world and people of all ages love to play. It is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family and can offer several hours of entertainment and fun. Playing games helps you to stay active and improves your mental health.

If you are not having high specification devices to play multiplayer games, you can consider playing in Pocket7games. They are having a wide variety of fun web games to play with your friends by using the web browser. You can play these games in your free time and also you can be able to win real money and prizes.

The following are some of the best online games to play with friends that are guaranteed to bring more fun to you and your friends.


Fortnite is one of the popular survival games developed by Epic games in 2017. This game has three different modes to play: save the world, battle royale, and creative. Fortnite battle royale is the most popular among them and this player vs player game can have up to 100 players in a single match. You can play this game all alone or with a group fighting for the last player.

This game allows the players not only to fight with guns and other weapons, but also build walls, stairs, and shelters with various materials. The gameplay of this game is very fun, which makes this stand out from other battle royale games. Also, this game offers cross-platform play, which allows the players to play with friends from different platforms.

Among Us:

Among us is the most popular online game to play with friends, which is developed by Innersloth in 2018. This game attracts all age people particularly younger audiences because of its fun and attractive gameplay. This game contains two roles such as crewmates and impostors. Players who take the role of crewmates must work together in completing the tasks to repair the spaceship before the impostor kills.

The main role of the impostor is to kill the crewmates by using different sabotage techniques. Then the game proceeds while the players complete tasks and discuss who they believe is an impostor. This game requires more teamwork and communication skills to succeed.


Minecraft is one of the famous and popular online games to play with friends. It allows you to build and explore together with your friends. Players can work together to create massive structures and landscapes or compete with the other team to see who can build the most impressive creations.

Minecraft allows the players to team up with others in order to take on various mobs and creatures that inhabit the world. This game supports cross-platform play so that you can play with your friends or family even if they are on different platforms.

From the above, you can get detailed knowledge about some of the best and most popular online games to play with your friends.

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