7 Most Important Factors CDL Truck Drivers Looking For

Due to the ongoing driver shortage, truck drivers have numerous alternatives when it comes to choosing which firms and fleets to work for. When communicating with prospective candidates, recruiters must continuously distinguish themselves from rival businesses.

Recruiters are always predicting how much various things will matter to drivers when assessing employment possibilities. Data from the Drive My Way database reveals several intriguing criteria that CDL truck drivers consider while seeking for a CDL trucking job.


Okay, this isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s always useful to have real facts to back up recruiters’ intuition. The most important factor for drivers while seeking for work is the kind and quantity of income. Indeed, over 15,000 Drive My Way drivers mentioned this as the most important reason.

Medical Insurance

When it comes to remuneration, salary isn’t the only thing to consider. Drivers value a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance. This is something that over 12,000 Drive My Way drivers examine while looking for a new CDL job.

Pension Plans

CDL truck drivers examine retirement possibilities while determining where to work. The typical truck driver is 49 years old. Many drivers are just around two decades away from retirement, so they will want to start saving now if they haven’t already. Even younger drivers are more inclined to be proactive and consider retiring sooner rather than later. In all, over 12,000 Drive My Way drivers identified retirement plans as a key consideration in their search for a new CDL employment.

Run/Range Type

Truck driving occupations are quite diverse. The sort of run and range that exists is one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes them. Not all drivers seek careers that carry them from coast to coast. Over 11,000 drivers cited the kind of run as an important consideration when picking where to work.

Schedule Type and Paid Time Off

One of the most crucial considerations drivers consider while seeking for job is their home time. Over 11,000 Drive My Way drivers mentioned both schedule type and PTO as top employment variables when looking for a new CDL trucking job.

Education and Training

Truck drivers may already have some driving experience, but it will pale in comparison to formal training. Training and growth is a top priority for over 8,000 Drive My Way drivers when searching for a new CDL job. Find your future careers at Service One, they will provide 100% satisfaction.

Hauling Type

Over 4,000 Drive My Way drivers said that the kind of haul is a significant consideration while looking for CDL employment. You are under-utilizing drivers if you do not consider their preferences and expertise in hauls! Some hauls may have specific CDL endorsements or permissions, so be sure your drivers have them. If they are already certified, it makes finding a job that much simpler.

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